Key concepts PechaKuchas at UCT Teaching & Learning Conference

The team presented an interactive session at UCT’s annual Teaching and Learning Conference on 2 August 2017. We used the PechaKucha format to present key concepts from Multimodal Research that form the theoretical building blocks for the broader project. We each discussed definitions, applications and implications of Voice (Arlene Archer), Precedent (Christine Price), Stance (Rachel Weiss), Affordance (Nicola Pallitt) and Multimodal Competence (Akisha Pearman).

We explored how these concepts could be applied to a range of Higher Education contexts, texts and practices, and how these concepts might allow us to think more deeply about student access and diversity through changing dominant writing practices in Higher Education spaces and interpretive events such as assessment. Overall it was a good experience to do at the early stage of this project and feedback from the audience was very encouraging. They reported finding our choice of presentation format energetic and refreshing compared to the usual ‘death by bullet point’ of many academic presentations. Some requested more detail about the use of various media in educational contexts discussed and were inspired to think more deeply about their own use of various media as educators. Akisha’s presentation summarises the team’s experience of putting together our presentations quite nicely, both the challenges and opportunities we encountered. Talking in pictures is not as easy as it looks but the process of thinking about images and about how to make complex concepts accessible to our colleagues assisted us in thinking more deeply about these concepts.

Watch video recordings of our presentations here. Feel free to tweet us @WritingHigherEd or #WritingHE or comment on this post to share applications and implications of these concepts in your Higher Education context.


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